Scottish referendum

Well on Thursday Scotland had their chance to be free. To be in charge! Be the boss. But did we really? West minster would never let that happen. Video evidence of tamperd votes, large piles of what says ‘no’ but there yes card on show within these piles but we are dented a recount. An absolute joke if you ask me. I can’t believe how ashamed I felt when I heard the result. Why would a country who claim to be brave and strong decline the chance to run things our way.

The way these ‘no voters’ are acting in Glasgow is completely out of hand. You have won so why stab people and burn flags. Then this big chief boss David Cameron has now said that Scotland isn’t going to receive these mystery powers as promised anymore. It only took 10 hours before we wer shafted. Better together my arse your hooligans are running riot injuring innocent by stander. May as well call us northern England! Cause they are never going to let us leave.

Independence serious dilemma!

I am not a very big politics fan so as you can imagine I didn’t know much when I was asked if I wanted independence. Iv been looking into it but there is that much information out there I don’t know what’s true or false. You watch the debates on television expecting to get answers but the big MPs argue worse than my six year old kids.

At first I thought that if we were to go independent then the people in charge are they going to know how to run an independent country if they can’t even answer a simple question, we are going to end up like savages. This must be why they are bringing all these films out about surviving and fighting zombies. They I thought right let’s be realistic. I want to keep our free health care service. So yes is in the lead. I go I to work the next day only to be told that due to my company being based in London then if a yes vote happens they would be taken all the business back to London so unless I went with them I would lose my job. Automatically I thought oh no I need my job. So I started to change to a no vote. Now everyone argues with you for a reason as to why your not wanting independence. My uncle explained a few things to me and also a guy that has opened a store that you can go in to for advice on the referendum. After looking at all the feedback on websites and listening to what I have been told I think the yes vote has won my vote. I may lose my job but I am sure I can get another one If I do and I would rather gain through other areas like health care and financial.

You would think that England and Wales and all the other countries would be supporting Scotland in its decision to stand alone. Instead of bullying us and threatening us with fear of the unknown. Let’s all be bloody adults about this. I fear that if we do stand alone we will end up at war with England just like Ukraine and russia, only I suppose England’s not a big a threat to us as Russian would be mind you. So in the end if were going to get fucked then it may as well be by our own scots instead of the English. Yes vote all the way!!

Landlords!! The evil!!

I currently private rent my home. I have lived here exactly two years today. My first year was a breeze, didn’t hear or see from my landlord unless I had a repair or when I lost my job so my payment was a few days late. In the hole 2 years I have been late with my rent 5 times due to changing employment etc. I have never been more than 7 days late. The last time I was late my landlord tried to force me to pay a 30 pound late charge which was not part of my housing agreement. He wasn’t happy so came to take pictures of the house.
The night they came my 6 year old son was playing his play station with my partner. My landlords wife was taking the pictures while my landlord argued with me. I could hear raised voices in the living room and when I ran in my landlords wife was shouting at my partner. The shouting continued. They said I was not allowed pets even though I already had one of my dogs before moving in, which my landlord approved, and he already approved my second dog when I asked. So this was them going back on their word. My dog had scratch the kitchen door frame so I have damaged the property! It cost 8 pound to replace which I will do when I leave these premises. I asked my landlord over and over if he was evicting me to which his response was NO!
I went to my lawyer anyway as I needed to know my rights. A month later I received a letter from my landlords solicitor with my eviction notice. The notice stated that I owed my lad lord 3 months rent and that I had broken about 20 parts n my housing agreement. The notice was a month short and my lawyer had a copy of my agreement but a page was missing. He wrote a letter to the solicitor and the response was – if you don’t have a copy of the agreement how can you say that try have teen broken. No word about the money that was handed into his account the months he said it’s owed! Nothing about the eviction date being a month early. I still have not heard a word from my landlord.
Today my boss tells me that the MD knows my landlords wife. She went to him am said why do u have such n such working for you? She damaged my property! My MD stated that what happen outside of work stays outside work so to keep her opinions to herself. How dare she go to my employer! She is trying to make me lose my job. My job which supports me to pay ma rent and feed my children. I hope I get a chance to laugh in her face. Which I will if this goes to court. That prick landlord came in my home when I was at work. Without permission from me. I only found out when he called me from my bedroom trying to shout at me for the hall radiator falling off the wall at 4.30am. The guy that came to fix it clearly said that the radiator was too heavy for the wall but here is my landlord telling me that it was my children jumping on it and that I am a bad mother! I this guy died tonight it would be the best night of my life. I would even dress in luminous orange and eat popcorn at his funeral. And hers, can’t forget the demon wife. Anyways I hope they turn up at my door next week. I’m no daft wee lassie. I will fight as I have done NOTHING wrong!

Too much hard work!!

I feel as if I have no time to get anything done. I work Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm Friday 9am-5pm. So the two days I get off I get to spend with my little monsters and my amazing guy. Today is only Monday and I feel as if I could fall asleep right now but I still have the kids clothes to get ready for our early rise tomorrow for work. I wish an old rich auntie would pass away and leave her riches to me her unknown, never met only family member living. The days of shopping, cleaning up the house. God I’m telling you my house would be the cleanest house ever, I know this from a few years early after having my kids. Just before I returned to work I was a bit obsessed with cleaning the house. Then it sure came to an end once I had returned to work. I have thought about hiring a maid but then I would be skint all the time and I would rather have money than a sparkling house. I get the washing a done. Dishes, hoovering and dusting all done after I watch hollyoaks. Wish someone would just hurry up an invent a stop watch that stops time so that we could get all the things done that are needing done.

Betty the punto troubles

So wee Betty was off the road for a few days due to the complete idiot of a guy I work with. He told me he was a fully qualified mechanic and I allowed him to put on new brake disks and pads. A few weeks ago driving down a steep hill ma brakes on my driver side went an me, kids in the car anol, all went flying into a cross road of traffic. The other day I was only turning into the petrol station down the road from my house when the other brake cable went. I called the guy from my work who then went on to deny that either of these accidents where his fault.

I took auld Betty to a proper garage. I had both her brakes checked and then fixed. The real fully qualified mechanic told me that the calibrators where put in the wrong way round. He could have killed me. Twice! I have defiantly learned that I will now go to a garage in the future. My kids life’s and my own are not to be put in danger to save a few quid.

Old drivers!!!

Driving along the dual carriage way as you do. In wee auld Betty. An old man in a blue Toyota suddenly pulls out in front of me but he doesn’t continue to drive along the road,no he try’s to turn right. I had to slam on my breaks to avoid ramming into the side of him as he stopped horizontally across my lane. Think he got a fright when a beeped my horn and flashed my lights at him. Then not so far along the road an old lady is in front of me but I’m sure this women has no idea where she is. She is driving at 10 mph along a 30 road causally putting her brakes on then when it came to our junction she didn’t pull up to the edge or even go when there was not one car on the road. How do these people not get retested! The amount of up dates on the roads, the Highway Code and even speed limits, people that have had their drivers license for 30, 40 or 50 years or more will not know of these changes. What 76 year old lady or man do u know that reeducates themselves? The brain is starting to die it’s for one not going to have the same memory and will be more harder to learn new things.

My world! My twins! x

When I was 18 I was quite the bit of a party animal. Went to my first rave, party’s every weekend. I think at one point I was drinking every night living the life. I didn’t have a care in the world. I went to work during the day and got off my head at night. After the Christmas and new year bender I was heading for a pub lunch when my friend coaxed me into getting a pregnancy test. To my horror in the pub it revealed that I was going to be a mum. Me! Not a care in the world, me. Gutted. I couldn’t look after myself let alone a baby.

I was single. The father no where to be seen. I was just beginning to enjoy my life. I could not do this. I had made an appointment for the doctors to arrange and abortion. The night before I me sent my mother a txtd message. When I got home her mobile was turned off, she hadn’t received the message yet. I got up early in the morning. My room door opened and my mum whispered are u pregnant? I told her yes but that I knew I wouldn’t be able to bring up a child so I had arranged an abortion. My mother told me of an abortion she had before she had my big sister. She told of the pain and how much she regretted it. She told me she would help me get through this. So I went to the doctor told him I had changed my mind and made an appointment for my first scan.

I returned from the doctors to a welcoming committee. My mother had already told all our neighbors and my father! I was dreading his response the most. However he surprised me. All he said was ‘ damage is done now.’ My first scan was here and my mother came with me. It was hot and sweaty in the hospital waiting room. My midwife was a little Irish woman who was very nice. I looked at the screen. I looked at my mothers face which was scrunched up as if to say ‘wtf!!’ The Irish midwife said ‘ do you see what I see?’ I barely croaked ‘2’ and with a big cheery grin she replied’ yes! Your having twins!’ I burst into tears. Not just one tiny baby but two. They needed me to look after them how am I going to do that on my own. I think I must have cried for about 3 days. When I called my friends and family to tell them my news no one would believe me. I had to take my San pictures to them before they would believe. My pregnancy went well. Except one time I took a kidney infection when I was about 6 months pregnant. The doctors gave me antibiotics that I took an allergic reaction to. I was in hospital for about 2 weeks because the stupid doctor kept giving me the same antibiotic. When I was 38 weeks pregnant I was admitted to hospital at 8am to get started. Baby 1 was growing but baby 2 wasn’t getting bigger so I was to get started.

Labour began. The midwife was young and great. My mother and big sister came with me. Then to my surprise my best friend turned up so her and my sister took turns. At half 2 I had gas and air. It was magic. I was singing along with the radio and everything. They gave me an epidural but made me wait until it wore off before I could deliver. My feet were numb but I could feel everything. Before I knew it I was pushing the first head out. I was rushed to theater. There was about 30 doctors and nurses just due to it being a multiple birth. I looked for my mother aw was told to put on her blue overalls to come into theatre with me. She was no were to be seen. My body started shaking and I started screaming, ‘where’s my f*****g mum?? Where’s my f*****g mum?’ Then the door opened and my mother ran in. It was time. Baby 1 came out and was slapped against my chest. I was lying on a triangle cushion so I felt like I was going to fall off. My mother took my daughter while the midwifed scanned me to see if baby 2 had turned. Too late baby 2 was coming. It’s was a boy and he was delivered bum first. Everyone in the room gasped. I shouted ‘what’s wrong?’ No one answered me. My baby was over in the corner all I could see where the backs of all the doctors working on something but I couldn’t see what. I shouted at my mother ‘what’s wrong?!’ She said it was a boy but he was grey. Oh no! After what seemed like forever a strange voice shouted ‘ he’s ok!’ Phew thank god for that. I was now the proud mother of a tiny baby girl who weighed 5lb 10oz, at 00:40am then exactly ten minuets later at 00:50 I had a tiny little boy who weighed 4lb 9oz.

The love I felt for them was unreal. I was their mother. I will protect them and love them everyday for the rest of my life.